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Placemakers Pro Meet Up

JOIN THE CONVERSATION – BUILDING A NETWORK OF TRUSTED COLLEAGUES Let’s meet up to discuss our profession at large: the business of making buildings.

As design professionals, we want to believe that the best buildings come from locking ourselves away from humanity, alone in a room, plugged into our headphones where our creative spirits can make the perfect building and produce the perfect set of plans. That sounds so romantic and magical - just what people imagine when they think of the word “Architect.” In reality a great project doesn't happen in a vacuum. It takes a team. A really GOOD TEAM. We are building a community of designers who can learn from each other and lean on each other.

Clients who don’t want to pay? Clients who think they are the designer because they love watching HGTV? Nonresponsive contractors? The tangled web of red tape provided by public agencies? Let's stop battling those problems in solitude. Share the challenges you’ve faced in your practice and learn from your peers successful ways to address those challenges.

Just like making a terrific project, having a team of people working toward a common vision should apply to our most important project - building our practice. Right?

So come meet up with us! Our first meetup will focus on building a network of trusted colleagues and what better place to have that, than at Big Oakland.

Earlier Event: May 4
Free First Friday Co-working
Later Event: May 24
Placemakers Pro Meet Up