Meetings & Events

Conveniently located 2 blocks from the 12th st BART station, BIG Oakland is ideally situated for meetings and events whose attendees span the Bay Area. Just can't face the commute across the bridge today? Play hooky and take your meeting at BIG.


Informal meetings

Simply want to welcome a colleague and lay a set of drawings out in the common space or chat over a cup of coffee in the booth for an hour? If you don't need a proper meeting room, we're happy to charge you for your day pass / drop-in membership and host your guest at no additional charge. That's $30 well spent, I'd say!


formal meetings

For situations where an enclosed meeting room is called for, our small meeting rooms are $20 / hour and the large is $40 / hour. They're equipped with video conferencing equipment, white boards, and ergonomic adjustable seating.

BIG Oakland Touchdown Space.jpg


We have a large event space that works well for both seated and standing / mingling events. It's available weekdays after 5pm and on weekends. Read more about events in our handy brochure.

Weekday evening events are $525, Weekend daytime events are $1225, and weekend evening events are $725